Monthly News Archives: September 2011

New allergy treatment available for seasonal allergies

  Have you had a skin prick test on your arm and told you have issues with dust, ragweed etc. only to be told that antihistamines are your only course of treatment.  Well, there’s a new way to combat seasonal allergies and it will help fix the problem once and for all.   Native Americans once […]

Welcome to the new Nature Doctors website!

  Hi everyone and welcome to the new Nature Doctors website.  I will updating the blog on a regular basis with news about the clinic, new treatment options, new products and the latest in scientific breakthroughs in Natural Medicine.  We are officially launching a new Cancer Care program of which there is information on the […]

Some upcoming events…

  There are a few events that are posted on the website that I think most of you will be interested in.   Dr. Dara Morden ND is running a program through the leisure guide about Adrenal Fatigue.  This will be an information packed session that will not only introduce people to Naturopathic Medicine but give […]