Yearly News Archives: 2012

Cupping Massage

Cupping  Massage Looking for a new approach to old aches and pains?  Our massage therapist has an exciting technique to share with you:  cupping massage! Cupping is a technique in which your Registered Massage Therapist uses small plastic cups to create vacuums over trouble-areas.  The vacuums cause the skin and underlying tissue to rise a […]

November Newsletter

 Hello Friends of Nature Doctors!   Here is our October newsletter, featuring an article by Dr. Heather Cardona on homeopathic medicine and its importance to overall health.   Dr Cardona is offering a presentation entitled “Liver Cleansing: Facts not Fiction” at Nature Doctors on November the 13th at 6:30. Give our front desk a call […]

Latest Fish Oil Controversy…/fish-stroke-supplements.html Eating oily fish may cut stroke risk – Health – CBC News By now, many of you have heard the latest controversy on fish oil supplementation and as usual, this one is no less flawed.  This study was a meta-analysis on whether fish or fish oil consumption lowered risks of ischemic attacks of the brain or cerebrovascular system. […]

Blog post by maker of Just the Goods!

Why natural skin care? Hello! My name is Milena and it’s my pleasure to accept an invitation from Nature Doctors to be a guest blogger on the topic of natural skin care.  Since we haven’t met before, I can introduce myself to you as the person behind Just the Goods, a Winnipeg-based line of handmade […]

Hidden Allergies are Killing You!

Are you worried about food allergies or sensitivities? Do you think you may be reacting to a food, but you don’t know which one? Dr. Bachewich will explore IgG allergy testing and explain how hidden allergies can result in weight gain, fatigue, skin issues, infertility, chronic and autoimmune disease. Happening at Nature Doctors on Oct […]

September Newsletter

Hello Friends of Nature Doctors!   I am excited to introduce our new monthly newsletter – News at Nature Doctors! This monthly email will provide updates and new initiatives/programs at Nature Doctors. Also, each month, a doctor at Nature Doctors will provide an article on an interesting topic that will help you understand your health […]

FREE Corporate Wellness Talks

Nature Doctors is offering free corporate wellness talks over a lunch hour for your organization or business. The session includes an interactive discussion with a Naturopathic Doctor and will focus on a topic of your choice. This is a wonderful way for a group of employees to learn about manging stress in the workplace, boosting immune systems […]

Poison Ivy and Rhus Tox

Here is an article Dr. Cardona wrote about poison ivy and homeopathic treatments. Really great info for cottage and camping season! 

EWG’s 2012 Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides in Produce

To minimize your risk of exposure to harmful pesticides, check out this guide. It explains which fruits/vegetables are of particular importance to eat organically and why.

Dry Skin Brushing

  Detoxification is an important factor in health, especially during a change in season. Here are some helfpul directions about dry skin brushing – a very useful technique for increasing the skin’s ability to eliminate toxins: Dry Skin Brushing -Up to 1/3 of all body impurities are excreted through the skin.  It is the largest […]

Ulcers, Heart Burn and the H.pylori Connection

Ulcers, Heart Burn and the H.pylori Connection   There was recently a story in the media about a young MD with stomach cancer that passed away.  This doctor was a healthy young woman. The only risk factor she had which may have lead to the development of the cancer was a prior H.pylori bacterial infection […]

CBC Radio Show White Coat, Black Art

Drs. Melanie Leppelmann and Jason Bachewich will be interviewd for CBC’s national show: White Coat, Black Art with Dr. Brian Goldman. They will be discussing how Naturopathic Doctors work with their patients to navigate the medical system and MDs. Broadcast date TBA!

Naturopathic Medicine Week

National Naturopathic Medicine Week is May 7-12. Local doctors are offering free lectures all over the city. Go to for an complete listing of events. The events that include doctors from Nature Doctors are also listed here.   Hope to see you at some of these exciting and insightful events!

IgG Allergy Testing – CBC news story

I am writing in response to the CBC news story that recently went on a witch hunt for practitioners that use IgG Food Sensitivity testing.  The story was completely biased towards the traditional medical views and the Naturopathic Doctor they interviewed for the story, in my opinion, has limited clinical experience.  They also did not […]

IV Therapies

Intravenous Nutrient Therapy   Nutrient therapy is a very important part of Naturopathic treatment to support optimal health.  The most common administration of nutrient therapy is oral in the form of various supplements.  Depending on the integrity of the digestive system and its ability to effectively absorb these nutrients, occasionally it may be necessary to […]