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November Newsletter

 Hello Friends of Nature Doctors!   Here is our October newsletter, featuring an article by Dr. Heather Cardona on homeopathic medicine and its importance to overall health.   Dr Cardona is offering a presentation entitled “Liver Cleansing: Facts not Fiction” at Nature Doctors on November the 13th at 6:30. Give our front desk a call […]

Latest Fish Oil Controversy…/fish-stroke-supplements.html Eating oily fish may cut stroke risk – Health – CBC News By now, many of you have heard the latest controversy on fish oil supplementation and as usual, this one is no less flawed.  This study was a meta-analysis on whether fish or fish oil consumption lowered risks of ischemic attacks of the brain or cerebrovascular system. […]

Blog post by maker of Just the Goods!

Why natural skin care? Hello! My name is Milena and it’s my pleasure to accept an invitation from Nature Doctors to be a guest blogger on the topic of natural skin care.  Since we haven’t met before, I can introduce myself to you as the person behind Just the Goods, a Winnipeg-based line of handmade […]