Yearly News Archives: 2013

2013 Nature Doctors Lecture Series

2013 Lecture Series – See dates below and put in your calendar!   Cold & Flu Prevention & Treatment Dr. Bachewich Oct 17   Why Am I So Tired? Finding Balance and Diminishing Stress Dr. Hembroff Nov 4    Optimal Hormonal Balance: From Fertility to Menopause Dr.Morden Nov 21   Natural Medicine for Happier Healthier […]

Dr. Bachewich is coming to Thompson

Dr. Jason Bachewich ND will be in Thompson next week, April 10-12. He will be practising out of Dr. Pritchards office at 118 Cree Road. There are a few spots left on both Thursday the 11th and Friday the 12th. Please call 204-943-6079 if you are interested in more information.    

Detox in April!

Click here to check out our awesome Detox session scheduled for April. This three week session could revolutionize your health!

Hormones: Achieving a Better Balance

Hormones act as chemical messengers of change in the body.  They influence how we think, feel, breathe, look and age.  We’ve heard much of hormones, but what exactly are they?   Hormones are chemicals that are made in specialized organs, circulate by blood and lymph, and essentially affect every cell in our bodies.  They do […]

Massage doesn’t just feel good – and we have proof!

A 2010 study released by Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, CA found that patients receiving 45 minutes of Swedish massage experienced significant changes in lymphocyte numbers (white blood cells, key players in your body’s immune system), a large decrease in Arginine Vasopressin (a hormone suspected to trigger aggressive behavior and linked to increases in […]