ADD / ADHD Overdiagnosed

ADD / ADHD appears to be an epidemic these days in schools.  Some medical professionals say this is in part due to better diagnosis while others say it is due to psychosocial factors and poor class management.  Personally, I feel it is overdiagnosed and multifactoral.  A recent study shown on CBC news highlights the complex issue.


The study found that the youngest kids in class were 40% more likely to be diagnosed compared to the oldest.  This highlights what many of us have thought for years.   We are simply diagnosing a disease that does not exist in children that are in a different developmental state.  Kids experience a massive amount of change socially and emotionally.  

Add on top of all that, the increase in broken homes / high divorce rate continues to creep higher.  Many of my patients with this diagnosis are predominantly from broken homes.  Nutrition can play a huge role.  Food additives and preservatives with a known connection with ADD / ADHD behaviors, that are banned in other countries, continue to find their way in our childrens diet.  High carbohydrate, low protein and saturated fat diets also contribute to irritibility as blood sugar swings dramatically.  We are seeing rates of Type 2 diabetes increasing constantly in the younger generations.

It is time to recognize that kids develop at different rates and are impacted by their diet and environment.  Naturopathic Doctors can help a family determine what factors they are able to change and help parents with a program for success.  It is time to stop drugging our kids.


Published:March 7, 2012
Author:Jason Bachewich

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