Adrenal Fatigue – The Modern Epidemic

For those that may not be aware, the lifestyle that we have chosen to live in North America goes against natural systems and rythms.  How many of you have ever watched a show where a pride of lions is stalking a herd of Zebras.  The Zebras are eating casually as the Lions approach.  In a sudden burst of adrenalin, the lions take flight and the Zebras respond.  They run until either the Lions are too tired to continue or until one of their fellow animals are caught.  At that moment, the entire herd comes to a halt, the Zebras take in a large breath and shake their heads before slowly returning to grazing; often just meters from where the Lions are eating their mate.

What does that teach you?  For most, they find it interesting.  For field biologists, they see how the Zebra’s can recognize when they are in danger and when they are not!  This is what we as humans have long forgotten.  

As far as science knows, we are the only animals on the planet that is able to “think” themselves into a stressful state.  By thinking about what may be coming up in our day to day lives, adrenalin and blood flow patterns shift in our body – even in the absence of absolute threat.  Adrenal fatigue is the functional diagnosis for someone that has been living in a chronically stressed state and now has become unable to produce any more or in fact become unresponsive to their own stress hormones.  

How do we treat burnout or adrenal fatigue?  

There are multiple herbs and nutraceuticals that can help someone dig themselves out of the burn out hole.  IV treatements, acupunture and lifestyle counseling all are successful.  The more you do, the faster the results.  Now what are you going to do about it?


Dr. Jason Bachewich ND

Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine

Nature Doctors

Published:April 16, 2014
Author:Jason Bachewich

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