Naturopathic Medicine and the Media

Recently there have been a large number of articles featuring negative stories in the news about my profession.  Whether it be a Naturopath that gave poor advice or the story that says that a lot of Naturopaths are against vaccines featured in the Globe and Mail newspaper recently. Naturopathic Doctors are just like every other […]

Intuitive Abilities

Intuitive Abilities By Sue Berard, Intuitive Medium at Divine Connection Do you have a history of Anxiety? Have you had any unusual Spiritual or Religious experiences? Do you have a family history of Psychic Phenomena? Do you have any history of Brain Trauma? According to Dr. Daniel G. Amen, one of the foremost leaders in brain […]

SIBO – The New IBS

SIBO or Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth is a relatively new diagnosis.  SIBO essentially means an overgrowth of normal or abnormal bacteria/fungus in the small intestine that results in IBS / IBD type symptoms such as bloating, pain, weird bowel movements and indigestion. SIBO can be caused by: Antibiotic use Alcohol use Stress Food Poisoning or […]

Correct Supplements = Best Result

As a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine, I have the pleasure of working with professional athletes and everyday athletes. They often come in asking about this ingredient or that ingredient that they read about on a website. My job is to inform the individual the best possible protocol, personalized to their genetics, age, health goals and […]

Free Naturopathic Medicine Videos

Naturopathic Medicine videos is something we have been trying to get put together for a long time now.  We are going to be posting videos in our video section on a variety of topics starting shortly.  One of the major shortfalls of our medicine is that it requires a lot of explanation and often what […]

Dr. Lori Mae Janzen ND – Maternity Leave

Please see link below for all current and past patient.

Dr. Janice Fyfe ND joins Nature Doctors!

Nature Doctors is pleased to announce Dr. Janice Fyfe ND has joined the team.  She brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise with a special interest and training in pre and post natal care and lactation consulting.  

Dr. Aminder Singh ND – Joins Nature Doctors!

Dr. Aminder Singh ND brings his extensive knowledge and skills to Nature Doctors.  We excited to have him a part of the Nature Doctors team and look forward to working with him to better the lives and health of our shared patients.

Dr. Lori Mae Janzen is joining Nature Doctors!

See her comments below… It is with excitement and anticipation I’m announcing a significant change in my Naturopathic practice. Starting November 4th 2015, I will be joining the multifaceted clinic, Nature Doctors! This decision has been a difficult one, as Wolseley Wellness Centre and its team of amazing practitioners has been ‘home’ for nearly 8 years! I’ve loved being […]

Corporate Health – True North Winnipeg

Dr. Dara Morden ND will be presenting to the employees of True North.  Her talk will be an introduction to Naturopathic Medicine. Call to book a corporate health talk with any of our doctors today.204-943-6079

Fall Detox Session

Fall Detox Seminar!

Detox and Juicing – Debunking the myths and showing the science!

Dr. Jason will be presenting at Green Carrot Juice Company on Wednesday, May 13th at 7pm.  There will be free samples to enjoy while you learn about the bodies detoxification systems and how juicing can help.    

Dr. Bachewich discussing Vaccinations on CTV morning

Dr. Bachewich ND will be discussing the pitfalls of vaccinations.  He will be discussing an alternative vaccine schedule and things that every parent should be aware of when vaccinating children. Dec. 8 at 7:52 a.m.  on CTV morning.

Pediatric Naturopathic Health

Please visit join Dr. Melanie Leppelmann at the Winnipeg Belly and Baby Fair on Sunday October 26th, 10am -2pm Earl Grey Community Centre

Green Carrot Juice Company and Nature Doctors

Dr. Jason will be supporting Obby Kahn in his new venture, Green Carrot Juice Company.  Juicing is an integral part of ones healthy lifestyle when time is short in our busy lives.   Fresh squeezed juices impart vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients that can help one attain a healthier body.  Certain disease profiles or drugs might […]