Cupping Massage

Cupping  Massage

Looking for a new approach to old aches and pains?  Our massage therapist has an exciting technique to share with you:  cupping massage!

Cupping is a technique in which your Registered Massage Therapist uses small plastic cups to create vacuums over trouble-areas.  The vacuums cause the skin and underlying tissue to rise a centimeter or two into the cup, separating layers of matted-up tissue and allowing them to move freely – as they should!  The suction brings fresh blood flow to the area and effectively cleans the deep tissue below of any stagnation.  Feeling better already?   There’s more!

Freeing the layers of connective tissue allows for an increase in the range of motion of the treated joints, and is usually noticeable immediately after the cups are removed.  Releasing the connective tissue allows your muscles to relax, and they benefit from the increased circulation as well.  Cupping massage is also beneficial for most mature scars, many lung conditions, digestive troubles and sore joints, especially the spine.  The strong suction action of cupping massage allows us to reach deeper tissues than often possible with regular massage, without compressing those often sensitive joints.

 Book your next massage by calling us at 204-943-6079, or inquire at the front desk the next time you are in the office.  Our massage therapist, Zoe Genik, will be happy to discuss how cupping massage can help you on your path to better health!

Published:December 4, 2012
Author:Jason Bachewich

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