Disease….Genetics or lifestyle?

Disease… Genetics or lifestyle?

Inflammation is a response by the immune system to damage in the body. For instance, you injure your arm and the process of inflammation starts with increased blood flow carrying various immune factors to help heal the wound. It is a healthy response when the damage is acute, but when many lifestyle factors such as poor diet, chemical agents, stress, and lack of sleep contribute wear the body down over time, the inflammatory process starts to spiral out of control leading to a host of various conditions. Which conditions arise for each individual has to do with their own genetics, but the concept of epigenetics is revolutionizing how we view genetic predisposition. If two people have the same genetic risks for a disease, one more than the other can be less or more prone to developing that disease depending on their lifestyle. If one leads a healthier lifestyle, eating an anti inflammatory diet, avoids overeating, keeps active, is mindful about getting enough sleep, and keeps their stress levels in check, then their cell replication will be much more stable and predictable for a longer period of time. An anti inflammatory diet, movement, sleep, and stress management are the four cornerstones of your health and focusing your efforts on maintaining them is your best defence against turning your genetics against you. For those who are interested in diving deeper into the science of how to optimize their genetic profile, I recommend the book “Dirty Genes” by Dr. Ben Lynch, ND.

Published:December 5, 2019
Author:Jason Bachewich

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