Dr. Lori Mae Janzen is joining Nature Doctors!

See her comments below…

It is with excitement and anticipation I’m announcing a significant change in my Naturopathic practice. Starting November 4th 2015, I will be joining the multifaceted clinic, Nature Doctors! This decision has been a difficult one, as Wolseley Wellness Centre and its team of amazing practitioners has been ‘home’ for nearly 8 years! I’ve loved being here, in this community, and among such great therapists.

This decision was prompted by the opportunity to collaborate with other great Naturopathic doctors and improve my ability to help patients more effectively. By joining the Nature Doctors team, I will be able to maximize my allotted time with patients and increase the breadth of Naturopathic services available under one roof!

I’d love to see you in my new location. To book a visit before the end of the calendar year, call Nature Doctors at 204-943-6079!


Published:November 4, 2015
Author:Jason Bachewich

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