Lyme Disease – Testing – Naturopathy

It is that time of year where Lyme disease is starting to go chronic in individuals.  Here are a list of symptoms to watch out for:

Fatigue – unexplained heaviness in your body

Pain in Joints and Muscles

Temperature regulation issues

Tingling or twitching in your face, muscles or extremities

Poor Sleep

If you are suffering from any of these symptoms, you may have Lyme disease or any of the co-infections such as Anaplasmosis, Babesia and Bartonella.

For more information, please see or

The best testing outside of Manitoba is in the United States or in Germany – so that is where we send your sample.

Book now to get tested by a licensed Naturopathic Doctor in Winnipeg today.

Published:October 18, 2019
Author:Jason Bachewich

  1. Ruth Berg says:

    I was bitten by a tiny tick 2 summers ago and am wondering if my health has been going down hill because of the bite?? Could you please let me know what the cost of getting this tested would look like? How much more extensive is the testing comparing to a regular family doctors testing?
    Ruth Berg

    1. Jason Bachewich says:

      To have a more complete test, then panel runs about $1800 and the blood is sent to Germany. Blood draws are on Mondays and Tuesdays. It is a much more extensive test including all the co-infections that are possible as well as immune status and viral infections as well.

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