Lyme Disease Testing

Lyme disease testing can be a very frustrating scenario.  Many of the provincial or state tests do not take into consideration all the various strains of Lyme, the co-infections  and even the timing of the test.

Dr. Jason Bachewich ND has brought in the latest in lyme disease testing to Winnipeg, Manitoba and is now available.

The main labs used are Arminlabs, IgeneX and DNA Connexions – these are continually be updated.

The best lab to use will be determined by your ND based on your particular case. Prices can range from $300 to $2000 with the average cost being $1300 for a thorough infectious disease panel.

Common infections to test for are:

Lyme, Babesia, Bartonella, Anaplasmosis, Erlichiosis, Chlamydia pneum., Mycoplasma pneum., EBV or Epstein Barr Virus and

CD 57 and CD 53 cell counts.

Contact Nature Doctors to book your appointment today.  If you would like to have the test done the day of your appointment, please request an appointment Monday or Wednesday mornings with Dr. Jason Bachewich ND.


Stay tuned for the new lyme website


Published:October 30, 2018
Author:Jason Bachewich

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