Naturopathic Medicine and the Media

Recently there have been a large number of articles featuring negative stories in the news about my profession.  Whether it be a Naturopath that gave poor advice or the story that says that a lot of Naturopaths are against vaccines featured in the Globe and Mail newspaper recently.

Naturopathic Doctors are just like every other healthcare profession.  Some doctors express their religious views and biases with patients or even direct care based on religion.  Some doctors graduated 40 years ago and have not kept up to date with science and current standards of care.  Even more doctors have lost their passion for practice and bring that into the appointment with apparent disrespect and even contempt for some patients.  Naturopathic Doctors are not immune to this either.

While I am happy that we are finally getting news coverage, I ask the media sources to do their research, to search out the biases of those they interview and stop painting everyone with the same brush.   Doctors may be using antiquated approaches for treating mental health problems using drugs of questionable benefit but that does not mean all of them are bad.  Many are starting to realize that mental health issues are deeper than a drug.  They are the result of trauma, abuse, improper emotional coping techniques taught by generations of parents amongst many many others.  Some are treating the individual and creating a health plan that reflects the patients individual concerns, while most are not.  Does this make all MD’s that treat mental health issues like depression and anxiety bad? Of course not, it just means some are doing a better job than others.

If we held the conventional medical system and their employees to the same unattainable standard of perfection and supreme scientific medical knowledge being placed upon Naturopathic Doctors, hospitals would be empty of physicians, nurses and other healthcare professionals.

Have Naturopathic Doctors given bad advice?  Yes

Have Naturopathic Doctors made mistakes?  Of course

Should we all be penalized for the shortcomings of a few?  It seems so.  At least for now.


Published:June 27, 2017
Author:Jason Bachewich

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