New allergy treatment available for seasonal allergies


Have you had a skin prick test on your arm and told you have issues with dust, ragweed etc. only to be told that antihistamines are your only course of treatment.  Well, there’s a new way to combat seasonal allergies and it will help fix the problem once and for all.   Native Americans once took to the practice of eating small amounts of Poisin Ivy so that they would not be bothered by it on their skin.  This was a type of sensitization practice that is now being used successfully for children with peanut allergies.  Nature Doctors now has access to oral drops in a variety of potencies that can “re-train” your immune system to not react to common environmental allergens.  You simply have to take the oral drops daily in increasing doses over the period of 1-2 years to experience dramatic relief.  Since the remedies expire quickly, we will have to special order them in and simply cannot be picked up without a prescription from your Naturopathic Doctor.  If you have seen an allergist for an allergy test, simply bring in the results for your ND.  If not, the ND can order in a skin prick test kit for you at a minimal charge.  Good news.  


Published:September 20, 2011

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