Putting Humanity back into Medicine

I am writing this in the middle of what I have come to see as the most mentally challenging 6 week period of the year for many people- the middle of January to the beginning of March. After many years in practice in Winnipeg, this stretch after Christmas seems to be the toughest time in this part of the Canadian prairies. The holiday season is over, the deep cold often sets in- the days are still short and we are not feeling the warmth of the sun on our skin. I have started to think of this as a slower time to reflect and take stock – a time to catch my breath and think about the bigger picture things that often get lost in the day to day details of life. I came across this article written Canadian psychiatrist Norman Doidge, as a tribute to the memory of visionary neurologist Oliver Sacks. It celebrates (among many things) the doctor-patient relationship, the sacredness of the human experience, and how humanity belongs at the heart of medicine- no matter what field of medicine that may be. It brought the big picture of why I love to practice naturopathic medicine into view at the perfect time, but also why it can be a heavy responsibility at times for myself and my colleagues – and why we need to commit to looking after ourselves as much as we commit to looking after our patients. I am grateful for such an interesting read on such a cold February day, and I wanted to share. Enjoy.

Dr Cory Storm, ND

Nature Doctors Naturopathic Family Medicine Inc.

Published:February 20, 2020
Author:Jason Bachewich

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