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Accurate Lyme Disease and Co-Infection Testing

Lyme Disease testing in Manitoba is known to be unreliable and it is perhaps the most misdiagnosed illness sweeping the nation. Often patients are told they have arthritis, MS, Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue but these diagnoses often do not respond the the prescribed treatment. Accurate Lyme and Co-infection testing means accurate treatment.

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Lyme Disease testing in Manitoba is known to be unreliable at best. There are over 50 strains of the spirochetes that cause Lyme disease and even the best local tests often miss the mark.  In fact, most infections from tick bites involve other co-infections that produce similar symptoms but do not show up on standard testing. Lyme disease and co-infection testing can only be done by only a few labs in the world. The Nature Doctors utilizes the most accurate laboratories in the world for testing. These test kits must be special ordered so it is important to tell the front desk or your Naturopathic Doctor that you have an interest in the test.

Here are just a couple of the labs that we use.

IgeneX –

Arminlabs –


MDL labs

It is best to test for Lyme as well as the co-infection such as Babesia, Bartonella and Ehrlichiosis.  Dr. Bachewich ND takes a special interest in Lyme disease and often uses a combination of drugs and natural medicine to treat the disease.  He collaborates with local doctors (if they are willing) but often requires patients to see a doctor out of province to acquire the antibiotics necessary to fight the infection.

Other tools or tests recommended for Lyme Patients:

Heavy Metal / Pollutant testing

Hormone (sex and adrenal ) Hormone profiles

Intravenous therapies such as IV vitamin C and artemisinin.

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