Sleep – do you have a problem?


More information on the importance of limiting exposure to blue light before bedtime.


If (like me) you rely on the quiet hours before bed to get work done on computer, think about investing in a pair of blue light blocking glasses that filter both blue light and short wavelength radiation. These glasses will allow you to get your work done or watch your favourite show before bed without disrupting the secretion of melatonin or the cleansing of your brain described in the article.


For those that despite the dimmed lights, cool bedroom, deep breathing and limited screen time are still finding themselves laying awake at night, consider taking a deeper look at some triggers for insomnia. A nocturnal drop in blood sugar can be a trigger for waking throughout the night.   Irregular secretion of adrenal hormones can lead to getting a second wind of energy after supper making it difficult to fall asleep as well as waking too early in the morning hours and being unable to fall  back asleep again.  Waking at night to have a bowel movement is a sign of an underlying issue with the gut microbiome.  These are just some of the examples of causes for insomnia.  The good news is that if you wish to get more information about common triggers for insomnia, there is testing available.  The team at Nature Doctors is happy to help you assess your insomnia symptoms and work with you to improve the quality of your sleep.


And for those of you that are just curious about how restorative your sleep actually is, we are happy to announce that Nature Doctors is now working with a Winnipeg sleep diagnostics company named Cerebra.  Cerebra provides a sleep assessment kit that is done from the comfort of your own bed and gives you information normally only provided by a lab study – including reports on sleep quality and depth that aren’t generated by a home sleep apnea test. Cerebra will also connect you with any treatment programs available following your study if you wish to pursue them.

if you would like more information on the sleep test please speak with your ND for guidance.


Published:January 7, 2020
Author:Jason Bachewich

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