Small changes …Huge Gains

Changing bad habits is a hard thing to do.

I’ve been listening to the interesting audiobook “Atomic Habits” by James Clear this last month. Small changes made across many aspects of life can lead to substantial gains! While listening, it reminded me of Naturopathic Medicine principles. ND’s encourage shifting small parts of many aspects of one’s health — diet, lifestyle and mental frameworks — which can lead to drastic improvements (even in short amounts of time). The book’s message also reminded me of the many systems of the body – how they work together and are impacted by small problems in each area over time. Things like nutrient deficiencies, digestive problems, day-to-day stressors, toxin & pollutant exposures etc. will all add up and impact the whole. And as we take into account each system and even slightly improve functioning in several areas – massive impacts can be made!   (Check out the book for specific, research-based ways to make and break habits – which includes those health routines that can sometimes be so hard to create & keep!)

Dr. Lori Mae Jansen ND

Nature Doctors  –

Published:December 12, 2019
Author:Jason Bachewich

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