Lyme Disease – Testing – Naturopathy

It is that time of year where Lyme disease is starting to go chronic in individuals.  Here are a list of symptoms to watch out for: Fatigue – unexplained heaviness in your body Pain in Joints and Muscles Temperature regulation issues Tingling or twitching in your face, muscles or extremities Poor Sleep If you are […]

Lyme – The Quiet Epidemic

Here is an link to an article I wrote on All the information you need to be informed and diligent with yourself and your family this tick season.

Accurate Lyme Disease and Co-Infection Testing

Lyme Disease testing in Manitoba is known to be unreliable at best. There are over 50 strains of the spirochetes that cause Lyme disease and even the best local tests often miss the mark.  In fact, most infections from tick bites involve other co-infections that produce similar symptoms but do not show up on standard […]