Dr. Eduardo Barreto, RMT HD Ac.

Dr. Eduardo Barreto, HD Ac. - The Nature Doctors - Allergy Testing - Winnipeg - Manitoba

MD (Colombia,South America), Homeopath, Acupuncturist & Alternative Health Consultant at the Nature Doctors in Winnipeg

Eduardo is a licensed physician in South America. After graduating from medical school in Cali, Colombia, he completed three years residency in alternative medicine, followed by a year’s apprenticeship with an experienced physician and alternative medical practitioner.  During the next fifteen years in Cali, his private practice combined traditional and complementary medicine that incorporated the best and most indicated treatments from various alternative modalities, including acupuncture techniques and homeopathy. During this time, he participated in teaching acupuncture techniques to other Colombian physicians. Now that he lives in Winnipeg with his family, he continues to use his skills as an alternative practitioner utilizing acupuncture and homeopathy in his private practice at the Nature Doctors Clinic.


Eduardo Barreto is a Remedial Massage Therapist having graduated from Wellington College.  He has extensive training in various techniques and believes that wellness must be a daily routine; incorporating Qigong, Yoga and conventional exercise to integrate the physical, emotional and spiritual.

His services as an RMT are covered by most insurance companies.

Link for his personal website: www.drbarretointegralhealth.com