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Registered Massage Therapist


Please Welcome Ian Heartfield to the Nature Doctors !

Life has been a winding road, taking predicted paths that also surprise, sometimes with some discomfort along the way but getting to a place of freedom, comfort, and happiness.  Massage is often not so different; whether the path is of strength and precision, or tranquility and harmony, the end goal is often the same: freedom, comfort, happiness.

I try to find that path, that balance, with every client.  An appreciation of the art of motion, of the intensity of sport, the demands of physical labour, and the rigors of a desk job, helps me find that path.  Having children with my amazing Wife (also a massage therapist) has helped me find that path for prenatal massage. Whatever needs you have, whatever stresses you experience, we can try to find that path together, and get to that place of freedom, comfort, and happiness.

A graduate of Wellington College of Remedial Massage Therapy, I have found that my skills are often appreciated most by people seeking a relaxing massage combined with targeted deep treatment.  Any concerns are welcome: stress, sports or recent accident/injury, chronic pain, desk-job tension, low back pain and numbness in arms or legs, neck tension and headaches, or assessing a complex situation that you can’t figure out. Although I was somewhat surprised at how popular my pregnancy massage has become, perhaps through getting great feedback from my Wife during her pregnancies, I have embraced this and offer a specialty pregnancy massage table.

I am registered in Manitoba and can issue receipts for insurance claims, and have a registered Blue Cross provider number, however I do not offer direct billing.

Hope to see you soon!

- Ian Heartfield