Sue Berard

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Sue Berard is our Intuitive Wellness Consultant. She offers a variety of services to compliment the other treatments shared by the doctors and practitioners at The Nature Doctors.

She is a licensed Spiritual Health Coach, Intuitive Medium and Reiki practitioner.

She has been intuitive all her life and shares her abilities to offer caring support for the mind, body and spirit through healing touch in a reiki session, and through sharing guidance in her readings and spiritual coaching sessions.

If you struggle with anxiety, stress, chronic pain or illness, you may choose a soothing, relaxing energy work session with Reiki as the healing modality. Because of Sue’s natural intuitive abilities as a medium, in these sessions, she also receives messages from Spirit that could improve your quality of life that she’ll be happy to share as you complete your time together, providing that you’re open to receiving the guidance.


If you would like to tap into Sue’s fount of intuitive wisdom to get some answers from your Source, then choose an interactive intuitive / spiritual coaching session.  To prepare for this type of session, she will ask you to bring along a list of topics, questions or areas of concern that you’d like to discuss in your time together. Be prepared to fully participate in the process and in some cases, be open to the idea of having “homework” to continue your healing work at home.

Some of the common topics discussed in this type of appointment can include, but are not limited to: clarity about life purpose, decisions to make regarding career, education, travel, even moving. Someone may want answers about their relationships with their romantic partners or they have questions about the health and wellbeing of their kids and extended loved ones. At times, people are looking for the best way to start exploring their own spirituality by being in a safe environment to share experiences that cannot be easily shared for fear of judgment by peers or their inner circle.


Occasionally, participating in past life readings can also be very helpful for the individual who cannot explain patterns of behavior or conditioned beliefs that are not serving this life’s journey.


” I love interacting with my clients and getting to know them through their Spiritual teams! We work together to find achievable solutions to the challenges they are facing, always offering heartfelt compassionate care.”

Please email or phone 204-223-2735 to set up a time for us to meet.

Available booking times are as follows:

Monday 10am to 6pm

Tuesday 11am to 7pm

Alternate Fridays 11am to 4pm

Some Saturdays 10am to 2pm