We take great pride in providing the utmost in customer service and the best of what science and natural medicine has to offer. Nature Doctors accepts patients of all ages and works with your Medical Doctor and other healthcare staff to provide you with the best possible care.

  • It was amazing. It was the best 1 ½ hours with a medical practitioner that I have ever spent. She gave me answers that I have been trying to get for years. So thank you for passing on her info. I definitely will be continuing to see her.

    - Terri S.

  • I have found the staff and Doctors at Nature Doctors very helpful over the years. They are warm and friendly and genuinely interested in their patients. They are competent too. A few years ago my medical doctor could not diagnose a skin condition and was skeptical when I told him what Dr. Storm’s diagnosis was. He confirmed she was right with a biopsy and was impressed to say the least. This form of care is proactive and preventative and I recommend it to all my staff, family and friends.

    - Michael N

  • The Nature Doctors has been a huge influence in my life and health. The doctors and therapists work together to find the root cause and come up with a plan that works for the client. I value all of the information provided by my doctor and appreciate that it is tailored to the client in a way that fits their comfort level and lifestyle. As an endurance athlete I would not be so successful without their help and expertise. I recommend Nature Doctors as a must-have compliment to your current health regime. It will change your life.

    - Kathryn G

  • I was referred to the Nature Doctors by a friend. I wasn’t disappointed because of the Nature Doctors holistic and client centered approach to healing. I have been able to overcome ailments western medicine said I never could. I never feel rushed and they listen very carefully to everything I have to say. The doctor has such compassion for her patients. My daughter has also started to see my Doctor with the same wonderful results.

    - Shari P

  • I’ve been attending this clinic with regularity for the last year and it has been nothing but positive. From the reception staff to the medical staff, there is no doubt that this is a place where serenity, genuine caring, kindness and professionalism reign. If you’re looking for excellent medical care where the focus is on the patient’s health and on all relevant information to empower us with the knowledge most of us lack regarding our own body and its natural abilities, then this clinic is the place for you. I’ve referred several people who all share my high regard for The Nature Doctors. This is my 1st choice for my Health Care.

    - Christina M

  • I was refereed to the Nature Doctors by my sister the same day I was diagnosed with cancer.

    I got in to see a Nature Doc 1 week later and was put on an anti cancer diet and supplements. Then 2 weeks later I started IV vitamin C within a month I was feeling much better and had not even seen an oncologist. After three months of treatment at the clinic I finally got to see the oncologist only to discover that I had stage 3B Hodgkin’s lymphoma. The oncologist was truly amazed at how healthy I was and simply stunned at my blood work, it was really good for someone with stage 3B lymphoma. I then decided to take chemotherapy and keep on the naturopathic diet and supplements. I am happy to say my weight only fluctuated 1-5 lbs throughout the chemo and I never got too sick thanks to the constant care at the Nature Doctors. I have been cancer-free for 13 months. WOOOHOOO!!!!!!!!!!!

    - Forrest B

  • Meeting my Nature Doctor and following the Naturopathic plan changed my life. I heard her speak at a work function and I immediately made an appointment. I didn’t think I was ready for change, (after many attempts) but after meeting with my doctor for a very thorough consultation and seeing how easy the changes would be, I embraced it. Soon after I felt much better, had more energy, and I am happy to say with eating fresh and wholesome foods, I’ve had no cravings. This is a positive health change I can maintain!

    - Sandra B

  • A very positive experience! Highly recommended for anyone wishing to improve their overall health.

    - Connie G

  • My husband and I had difficulties conceiving because I suffered a lot of after-effects from stopping The Pill. I decided to see a Nature Doctor She gave me a plan. Many of the symptoms I was suffering from having been on The Pill so long were remedied right away, and in one month we were pregnant!

    I am so thankful for Nature Doctors. Everyone is really pleasant and they really care about helping you find a solution.

    - Helena M