Thyroid Disorders and EBV

Thyroid Disorders and EBV

Hashimoto’s / Graves / Hypothyroidism

Many people are diagnosed with thyroid disorders but do many figure out why it happened to them?  Most patients are put on medication and told to go on living their lives.

What if I told you that your thyroid disorder may be linked to an infection such as EBV or heavy metals or man made chemical toxicity?

There are many reasons why thyroid disease can develop so it is important to have a thorough intake and appropriate lab testing to determine the cause.  This testing is different than your provincial or state labs as they are functional medicine labs and environmental / infection disease testing is often not performed on patients routinely.

Ask your ND for advice on which testing is best for you and remember, there is always a cause to your disease.  If you determine the cause, then the potential is there to cure it.


Dr. Jason Bachewich ND



Published:June 5, 2019
Author:Jason Bachewich

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