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Hello and Welcome to the Nature Doctors!

We are excited you have chosen our clinic to support you in your journey to health. The Nature Doctors is comprised of seven naturopathic doctors, two homeopathic doctors, an acupuncturist, an osteopath and one registered massage therapist. We offer highly individualized care and work as an integrated health care team to ensure best possible results.

What to expect

A Naturopathic / Homeopathic appointment is much different than a regular medical appointment. Your first visit will be 90 minutes long and will involve discussing all aspects of your physical and emotional health as well as family and work history. In order to discover the root cause of your health concerns, it is necessary to gather as much information as possible. It is recommended that you bring in a copy of previous blood work from the last couple years as this helps to speed the process and give additional information about your health status.

Your doctor may recommend other testing such as allergy or hormone testing as well as traditional blood labs to aid in the research of your case.

Follow up appointments will vary depending on the complexity of the case but the average person is likely to be seen for the second appointment within 2-4 weeks with follow ups being monthly, bi-monthly or even annually. Follow up appointments average 45 minutes long but may be as short as 15 minutes. Phone consultations are also a possibility for those cases where physical assessment is not necessary.

We have compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) that will be helpful for you to read and refer back to while receiving care at the Nature Doctors.

Also, we have an ever-growing library of resources.

Fee Schedule


Initial Oncology appointment $255
90 minute initial appointment $255
60 minute pediatric appointment $180
45 minute follow up $140
30 minute follow up $95
15 minute follow up $50
Phone Consults $2.95/min

Dr. Barreto:

Initial Appointment $155
 30 minute follow up $60
45 minute follow up $85

Individual, Couple and Family Therapy:

90 minute treatment $135
50 minute treatment $110


Nature Doctors offers a number of tests that can be very helpful in assessing underlying dysfunction/imbalance in the body.

Approximate Prices:

IgG Food Sensitivity Panel including Candida $280-$425
11 Tube Hormone Assessment $325
Stool testing Ranges from $250-$575 depending on the test
Urine Trace Element Test (heavy metal testing) $99-$140


Please print and fill out the applicable form prior to your first visit.

Naturopathic Forms
Naturopathic Adult Intake
Naturopathic Pediatric Intake
Homeopathic Forms
Homeopathic Adult Intake
Homeopathic Pediatric Intake
Massage Therapy Forms
Massage Therapy Client Informed Consent and Intake
Intake Forms for Homeopathy and Acupuncture with Dr. Barreto
Consent and Information

Individual, Couple and Family Therapy:

 New Client Contract and Informed Consent – Therapy
 New Client Intake Forms – Therapy
 Parental Consent Forms