Integrative Cancer Support

Patients often come to Nature Doctors looking for an integrative and natural approach to Cancer treatments.  It is a daunting task dealing with all the emotions and information.  At Nature Doctors, we will help you decide which supportive therapies would be effective and not interfere with chemotherapy or radiotherapy treatments.    Natural medicine can help minimize the negative effects of conventional care and improve your quality of life.

We have  list of some of the more common supportive therapies not including supplementation or nutritional recommendations.

Intravenous Vitamin C

Intravenous Vitamin C has been administered for many years by naturopathic doctors for oncology care. Backed by a large body of research, IVC has been shown to improve quality of life and increase survival rates. It may be administered along side conventional cancer care and in some cases improve the effectiveness of it. By administering Vitamin C intravenously, higher concentrations are able to be achieved in the blood than is possible when taken orally. It is at these higher concentrations that cancer cell death is stimulated.

IV treatments are administered in our office anywhere from 1 to 3 times per week depending on the case. Each infusion takes anywhere from 1 to 2 hours. The infusion is painless and patients are able to relax in our comfortable chairs while they undergo treatment.

IVC is safe, effective and painless. There is a very low risk of any adverse side effects and much research to support its use.

Mistletoe (Helixor) in the Treatment of Cancer

As each Mistletoe protocol is specific to the person, cancer type, and other associated symptoms or diseases, it is important to consult with your ND to establish the most effective and accurate plan for you. They will help to administer and monitor your response to the treatment.

What can Mistletoe do in treating cancer?
Inhibits cancer growth without causing tissue damage

– Enhances body’s own immunological capacities (better resistance to infections)
– Activates immune mechanisms to inhibit cancer growth and prevent spread
– May decelerate cancer growth and/or promote remission
– Has been shown to prolong survival rate
– Beneficial regardless of cancer type and location

What is Mistletoe’s role during traditional cancer treatments?
Reduces the adverse effects of radiation and chemotherapy for better tolerance

– May distinctly improve quality of life during treatments:
– Increase appetite
– Improve sleep
– Decrease fatigue
– Alleviate tumor-related pain


It is also important to remember that to address cancer treatment holistically, your ND will consider specific and appropriate doses of different vitamins, minerals, herbal medicines to complement your healing and progress. This will always include dietary recommendations specific to you and may also include adjunct therapies such as I.V. treatments, acupuncture, etc.