Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the frequently asked questions we receive regarding our naturopathic services. If you don’t see your question here, please call us at 204-943-6079 and we will be happy to answer any questions that you may have

Your Initial Appointment

A Naturopathic appointment is much different than a regular medical appointment.

Your first visit will involve discussing all aspects of your physical and emotional health as well as family and work history. In order to discover the root cause of your health concerns, it is necessary to gather as much information as possible.  So, we dedicate 90 minutes for your initial appointment to gather all the information needed to properly assess your current health.

Your initial visit will be 90 minutes long and will involve discussing all aspects of your physical and emotional health as well as family and work history.

Follow up appointments average 45 minutes long but may be as short as 15 minutes. Phone consultations are also a possibility for those cases where physical assessment is not necessary.

It is recommended that you bring in a copy of previous blood work from the last couple years as this helps to speed the process and give additional information about your health status. Note that your doctor may recommend other testing such as allergy or hormone testing as well as traditional blood labs to aid in the research of your case. 

Follow up appointments will vary depending on the complexity of the case but the average person is likely to be seen for the second appointment within 2-4 weeks with follow ups being monthly, bi-monthly or even annually.

Most insurance companies provide some sort of coverage for naturopathic care. So, you will need to look into your specific plan for details. We will provide you with a detailed invoice that has your doctor’s licensing information on it; it is your responsibility to submit the invoice to your insurance company. It is important to note that your coverage may not be enough to cover all of the appointments you will need to reach your fullest health potential.

After Your Initial Appointment

You are welcome to call our office any time to book appointments. It is best for us to re-book you at the end of each appointment if possible, but you can also book online to see what works best with your schedule.

Yes. Please bring in your treatment note and we will be glad to re-fill a prescription. However, if a number of months have passed since the last time you saw your doctor, and you decide you would like to re-start taking a product you were prescribed, we may require you to have a follow-up with your doctor before selling you more products.

If you have a simple clarification question, you can email your doctor at However, they will only get back to you through email if you are looking for a yes/no answer. If you need to speak with them about anything more involved, please call our front desk to book in for a short phone consult. If your matter is urgent and we are unable to schedule you with your doctor, there are several other practitioners who are available and we will do our best to book you in.

Naturopathic Medicine Questions

Naturopathic medical schools are four-year post-graduate degree programs recognized by the Department of Health as accredited institutions that grant the Doctoral Degree of Naturopathic Medicine. Graduates of the four accredited Naturopathic medical colleges in North America must pass numerous Board Exams to receive their license of Naturopathic Medicine and/or Acupuncture. The doctors at The Nature Doctors are board certified and licensed in the province of Manitoba.

A Naturopath takes the same basic medical sciences as an MD, the difference being they specialize in natural medicine. Some of the modalities an ND uses are vitamins, supplements, homeopathic medicine, acupuncture, Bowen therapy, nutrition and lifestyle counselling. Naturopathic doctors have access to regular lab work as well as specialty testing ie. Allergy tests, hormone panels etc. 

Naturopathic Doctors treat on a broad range of concerns and are able to treat most conditions. We commonly treat concerns such as gastrointestinal, hormonal, immune system, food sensitivities, fertility, allergies, pregnancy and cancer. An ND is trained to treat conditions from an integrated perspective that focuses on natural processes.

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