What is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy originated in Germany and is a form of medicine that goes by the philosophy of “like cures like”.

The original discovery, as with most things, was by accident.

The doctor drank too much herbal tea and noticed that he started having symptoms like Malaria. He postulated that perhaps if he gave this tea made from a certain plant to Malaria infected patients, maybe they would get better?! And they did! This gave rise to an entire medical field using substances from minerals, plants and animals.

Homeopathy treatment next to flower

Homeopathy is Safe for Children and Pregnant Women

The best part about this type of medicine is that it is entirely safe for children and pregnant women and uses such tiny doses that some argue there is no active ingredient left in the remedy.

Either way, it is another tool in the tool box for your doctor to draw from if needed.

Initial Appointment

What to expect:

Your Homeopath and/or Naturopathic Doctor will ask questions about every aspect of your physical, mental/emotional and spiritual health. You may be asked about habits, dreams or physical symptoms as all of these details can help the doctor find the correct remedy.

Who should book a Homeopathy appointment?

Anybody who has an interest in this type of medicine, individuals with health conditions that are heavily medicated, or pregnant women should consider booking a Homeopathy appointment.

Our Homeopathic Doctor:

Dr. Eduardo Barreto, Homeopathic Doctor, ACUP, RMT

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