Marriage and Family Therapy / Individual Counselling

Marriage and Family Therapists are unique in that they learn to work effectively with individuals, couples, and families using a systems perspective, meaning that when exploring with clients, they take into account the impact of the relationships (past and present), that they are in.

What to expect when you meet with our Therapist:

Regain Connection

Human beings crave connection. During tough times in our lives when we experience a loss of connection with ourselves or others, it can be helpful to work through it with someone who is neutral.

Sometimes looking at situations from a different perspective can help people get through them, and ultimately learn more about themselves and others.

Karen Palaniuk, our Marriage and Family Therapist, provides a safe space for individuals, couples and families to work through the difficult times while cultivating better connection, communication and healthy coping strategies which will in turn strengthen relationships with themselves and others. Clients appreciate Karen's authentic approach, which is both gentle and challenging.

Develop Self-Awareness

Our past experiences and relationships shape who we are.

Self-awareness can help us to recognize old patterns that can hold us back in our present relationships and experiences.

Karen loves empowering her clients by guiding them to develop self-awareness and to recognize their inner strengths and resources. Clients will not only use these tools to navigate current challenges but will carry these skills forward in dealing with future challenges.

Our Marriage and Family Therapist:

Karen Palaniuk, MMFT

Ready to get the guidance and tools you need to move through the challenges you face?