Meyers Cocktail

Meyers Immune

What is intravenous Meyers Immune?

  • This is similar to the Meyers formula except with the addition of higher doses of vit. C and some immune supportive minerals and vitamins

What is it used for?

Meyers Immune is most commonly prescribed to:

  • Chronic or acute viral or bacterial infection
  • Toxicity – mycotoxins, heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides etc.
  • Pre and Post surgical / dental procedures
  • Preventative – to support immune function

How does Meyers Immune work?

  • Glutathione is the bodies most potent antioxidant
  • It works by destroying toxins and sequestering them to the bile and urine for excretion and elimination

What are the side effects of Meyers Immune?

  • None noted unless allergic to the vitamins which is extremely rare

Is Meyers Immune safe?

  • Extremely safe


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Disclaimer of the Nature Doctors:  The information in this monograph should not be interpreted as medical advice nor should replace the advice of a qualified healthcare provider.  Please consult with a qualified Naturopathic Doctor to discuss whether high dose Vitamin C is right for you.  The above information is used in accordance with the Ontario Integrative Cancer Centre.